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Mautic being open-source marketing automation software designed to businesses of any size, by providing solution for business marketing, lead generation and automation Businesses can use Mautic and create highly effective marketing campaigns to grow their business without effort in a smart way.



Here are some aspects Mautic has to offer


Build your Contact Base

Helps businesses turn their website into a source of highly qualified leads. Allow people subscribe to your list by creating your own web forms, and install them on your website or blog.

Email Marketing

Businesses can now create newsletters, automate follow ups, nurturing campaigns to engage your audience and boost loyalty and conversions.

Contact Management

Manage your contacts’ base, subscribe/ unsubscribe users, move them to other campaigns. With built-in reporting and analysis tool, understand the behaviour of audience

Social Media Marketing

Connect with audience while they are browsing the social media. By doing so, businesses can empower your brand and improve engagement with your leads



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