Marketing Automation made Simple with Mautic Plugins

Businesses rely on marketing and various strategies to make their product appealing to the customers. In the modern era, everything is being automated, so why not marketing?

Instead of doing the marketing automation tasks repeatedly, we have options to automate it. But the question arises here is, which is the best one? Sure, there’re lots of options while choosing the marketing automation tools but we should also weigh the benefits one can reap with the usage of right tools.

What you need to know about choosing the right automation tool for your business?

Many marketing tools have complex user interface which often confuses marketing people. The success of any business is based on the marketing of its products and more importantly the marketing team should know how to analyze the numbers in such a way to generate more leads or sales. What’s the use if the marketing team just doesn’t know how to analyze the numbers looking at the UI of the marketing automation tools?

Not only the UI which displays the numbers and statistics, but the most important thing is, it analyzes what? For example: you may want to automate the social media tasks such as liking, commenting, sharing or posting updates, the marketing tools should have the option to time it well. If the active users in twitter make #MondayMotivation as a trend, you should first analyze the volume of tweets at the particular time on Monday. If the volume is large during morning 8 to 9, you should update your posts between 8 to 9. Keep in mind that you also need to consider the various time zones depending on the location your business is targeting.

When it comes to email, the main motive should make the user open the email. Tracking pixels can help but the marketing automation tools do a very good job providing you with complete analytics data. Emails are the effective form of marketing but it also is the difficult one since the user’s inbox might already have been spammed with innumerable emails. There’s high possibility that your email might be buried inside them. But what marketing automation tools does is, it gives you with better insights about the customer’s email opening behavior, what hooks the user with the email among all other things.

Areas where Marketing Tools are Useful:

Be it the traffic potential for your niche, identifying the focus keywords and opportunities, finding the good performing related long tail keywords, visualization of our site’s internal linking, domain authority, rank position, keyword relevancy, link popularity, organic traffic data, social traffic, direct traffic and you name it, it can be generated by using marketing automation tools.

Why Mautic?

Mautic is one of the powerful marketing automation platforms you’ll ever come across. Mautic’s features are extended by various Mautic Plugins which provides the business with all kinds of marketing automation tools. Those tools help you turn your website into a lead generation machine; all you need to do is to follow simple installation instructions.

Make the change with Mautic Plugins and transform your business in a dramatic way by understanding your customers better.

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