Mautic Consulting – Stay Ahead in Marketing Automation

The futuristic consulting service tailor made for you, we assist in building efficient and smarter marketing campaigns, along with perfect installations, set-up and deployment. Stay ahead in the digital era with Mautic Consulting. We provide you the best business strategies with end to end consulting, that includes expert campaign designs, implementation, analysis and reports. Our advanced technological analysis provides best results are guaranteed to deliver smarter marketing automation strategies.

  • Improve your conversion rate with campaigns designed around your marketing goals.
  • With intelligent support and best in class technology we offer you expert consulting emphasizing on your growth to become the leader in every marketing sector.
  • All the best performance parameters your campaign needs, executed in Mautic-forms, segments emails, campaigns and much more.
  • Understand how to make improvements with precise reports that shows what works and doesn’t work.
  • Team of Mautic experts who offer simplified solutions for complex marketing challenges in the present digital environment. Launch best campaign in minutes with the assistance from experts.

Highlights of Our Consulting Services

  • Whitelabeler : Run Mautic user interface in your own Brand name and logo
  • Reply Detection : Detect your audience reply from another email address for your follow-up sequence mail
  • Woocommerce Integration : Syncing of customer properties such as shipping country, shipping state, etc. from your site to mautic.Re-engage customers through order follow-up e-mails and ask them to provide feedback for ordered item.can trigger emails with cart content which helps to recover abandoned cart.
  • Thirdparty SMS Gateway : Build your campaigns and target your audience directly with them using SMS gateways (Twilio,Infobip)
  • Social Media Lead Generation : Engage your leads through our powerful social media marketing plugins. Listen to your target audience and interact directly with them on their social media platform. Build your lead lists from social mentions, hash tags, keywords and more. Active social network marketing built into your campaigns.
  • Form Integration : Transfer visitors from your site to mautic end of any third party forms like Ninja Form,Caldera,OptinMaster integrated in the site

How assists you?

  • Clear and deep understanding of requirements.
  • Expert analysis of the complex problem with simple and efficient solution.
  • Determining right solutions with comprehensive feedback from clients inclusive of custom changes and expert suggestions.
  • On demand Maintenance and tech support for plugins and consulting services. Our manuals and user guides will aid the users in ease of access.
  • Best marketing automation available with the latest trend and technology.
  • Cost effective enhancements with an efficient approach to deliver the right campaign. On-demand custom plug-ins to effectively increase the operational performance.
  • Deliver high performing campaigns and witness the best ever results. Personalize and integrate digital properties to deliver seamless customer experience.