Infobip SMS Bundle Plugin



  • The Infobip SMS Bundle plugin for Mautic allows advertisers to send SMS messages through Infobip service provider API.
  • It is based on the current version of Twilio plugin available in the default Mautic install package, and also on Infobip plugin for previous Mautic versions the lack a of an updated version of the original Infobip plugin as well as the absence of an alternative to Twilio API was what motivated the creation of this.


  1. Create a new “MauticInfoBipSmsBundle” folder in the plugins folder.
  2. Copy the plugins files into the MauticInfoBipSmsBundle folder.
  3. Go to the Configuration -> Plugins Settings, in Mautic web interface.
  4. Click on Install/Upgrade Plugins.
  5. The plugin should now be available for configuration.