Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Our unique feature of voice API enables you to add programmable voice, conferencing functionalities, and transcription capabilities to be embedded directly into your software or product. Out Bound Calls (OBC) made by dJAX are one of a kind in every aspect especially with the quality of every single voice calls. By providing programmable IVR we offer a chance to enhance customer experience and operational flow. Want to deliver targeted voice broadcast messages to your mautic contact or create customized audio messages; we will deliver it for you.

Simple to integrate and automate voice broadcasts and SMS text messages to your Mautic workflows, leverage Mautic capabilities to collect promising leads through web forms to rapidly grow your Mobile Marketing lists. Integrate voice and text messages into Smart Campaigns using simple Mautic webhooks or virtually anywhere inside of Mautic. Trigger messages based on precise targeting, segmenting, and filtering. Customize and personalize your text messages to perfection through contact merge field, better result guaranteed with advance IVR operations.