Lead Generation and Management


If you are looking to improve revenue through closing deals at a quick pace then you are in the right place. Lead Generation and Management assist you in addressing leads the reach your inbox and leads obtained through facebook network. The leads will be sent to mautic CRM directly and will be delivered to the right person on the team who can convert the lead. With lead generation and management integration, leads will get converted at a quick pace as the process is perfectly automated to deliver the lead to the right person. The value of every lead you obtain from facebook will increase by folds with our advance technology.

Whenever a new lead is received, we abet you with insights such as social accounts, demographics so that a better and stronger insight will be obtained. Then the data will be passed on to DMP where better retargeting/remarketing actions can be performed in the respective Mautic CRM. Achieve more with your facebook lead generation efforts, this feature allows you to reach more prospects and customers. Our cutting edge technology will help in synching all emails addresses and phone numbers from each of your contact records inside of your Mautic CRM to maximize the reach of your facebook custom audiences. This makes your retargeting/remarketing efforts more efficient while allowing you to sync contacts with facebook.