Lead Reporting Email with Mautic


This plugin allows you to insert replaceable tokens easily in your emails.


• With Lead Reporting email plugin you can generate reports or export files showcasing individual leads (from any specific list) and the exact number of email sent to them.

• This enables you track performance of the campaigns and the plugin also deliver reports about emails that are opened.

• By precise tracking of emails we can gauge their performance and individual interaction with every email.

• The response obtained from the plugin will help in elevating the campaign performance by making the required changes to marketing processes.


1. First, install required packages with npm:
$ cd /path/to/mautic-lead-reporter
$ npm install
2. After installation, edit configuration file:
$ nano /path/to/config.json
3. Finally run:
$ node index.js -l 50
Usage: index [options]
-V, –version output the version number
-l, –limit count of leads
-f, –from date from: filtering by last active time. (yyyy-mm-dd h:i:s)
-t, –to date to: Filtering by last active time. (yyyy-mm-dd h:i:s)
-h, –help output usage information