Mautic Custom Tags Plugin



  • To use Custom Tags user will click Install/Upgrade plugins for adding new plugins.
  • Then by using these tags, user can create en email or page.
  • Composer from Mautic root directory requires kuzmany/mautic-custom-tags-bundle.
  • The plugin makes it easier to create, install/ upgrade custom tags.


Composer from Mautic root directory

Composer requires kuzmany/mautic-custom-tags-bundle


1.Go to Mautic -> Plugins and click to the button Install/Upgrade plugins

2.New plugin should be added

3.Then create email or page and you can use these tags:


The tag fetches content from your remote url.

You can display remote content from external site in your email or page.


The tag decode base64 encoded content from contacts custom textarea field.

You can pass base64 encode data to contact from API and then display in email or page.