Mautic Email Sent Webhook


A webhook is a HTTP callback, a HTTP POST that occurs when something happen  an event notification via HTTP POST. Webhooks are used for real time notifications, so your system can be updated right when the event takes place.


  • Every single time when an email is sent through Mautic make a HTTP request.
  • With Mautic email sent Webhook plugin, send updates automatically to your site when a contact’s profile has been updated for generating user for Mautic contacts.
  • Also by using Webhook can perform the following events with excellent efficiency: Contact Channel Subscription Change Event, Contact Delete Event, Contact Identified Event, Contact Points Changed Event, Contact Updated Event, Email Open Event, Form Submit Event, Page Hit Event.
  • The plugin elevates the operational standards to the next level and enhances every operational aspect during each marketing operation.

Bundle features

Make a HTTP request everytime an email is sent!

Quick Start

1.Clone this repo inside your mautic plugins directory

git clone

2.Clean cache using symfony commands

php app/console cache:clear

Open Mautic Plugins Page and configure:

I.Webhook URL

II.API Key (for validating request at server side)

III.Mautic Base URL for View In Browser URL