Mautic Integration with MS Dynamics


Process and store new leads separately from the active prospects and customer, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM it now possible to store new leads without interrupting the active process. We integrate Dynamics CRM with Mautic in the client website, so information requests and responses on their Web site can be automatically logged as leads in Dynamics CRM. This plugin can push/pull contacts to and from Dynamics CRM when a contact makes some action and when manually executing the sync leads command.


1. Insert the Dynamics CRM URL, the Application ID and Secret into the Mautic Dynamics integration plugin and authorize it. Set the Publish switch to Yes and save it.
2. Select the features in the Features tab. Push contacts to the integration checkbox is checked by default. Configure the field mapping and save the plugin configuration.

Dynamic account creation

1. Set up Dynamics, Create user ID and save the info
2. Set Up Azure and Go to the Azure Portal
3. Log in with your account
4. Go to Azure Active Directory and add a new Application Registration
5. Fill in the CRM Application information, click on Create and click on the Application you just created
6. You will use the Application ID when configuring the plugin in Mautic
7. Add a new Key. Use any name, click on save and copy the value. You will use it as the plugin secret in Mautic.
8. Configure the reply URLs using the callbacks from the plugin settings in Mautic and Click Save
9. Configure the Required Permissions and Click on Add
10. Add Dynamics CRM Online API Access and Click Select
11. Enable Dynamics CRM access for the users and Click Select and then click Done
12. Activate the permissions by clicking “Grant Permissions” and Click Yes
13. Go back to Mautic and authorize the plugin
14. Use your account to authenticate:
The plugin is ready. You can test using “Push to Integration” form and campaign actions. You can also test by executing the command : php app/console mautic:integration:fetchleads -i Dynamics