Mautic Twig Plugin Skeleton


Create your individual twig extension and register them with Mautic without any hassle in the process. Skeleton plugin allows you to edit and create your own twig extension with ease and also assist you in registering them with Mautic. An open-source bundle that extends native emails with TWIG blocks and with the skeleton, you may compile themes in zip format to upload them Mautic web interface and supports multiple themes.


Composer require dongilbert/mautic-twig-plugin-skeleton-bundle

Alternative Installation

Download this repo and place it in a folder within the plugins dir of your Mautic installation. Be sure the folder name matches the name of the bundle file in the root of this repo. (Or whatever you change it to)

Making use of this

1.You can add as many extensions as you’d like, just be sure to add them all to the services => other array within the Config/config.php.
2.After making your modifications and placing the code, clear your cache.
3.Go to your plugins page in Mautic and then click Install / Upgrade Plugins
4.You now have access to your custom twig extension in any of your templates!