Support for Mailgun via API


Send, receive and track your emails with Mailgun in the email APIs. This will enable you to know the status of every email you have sent or received. Handle bounce notifications from Mailgun, by getting an API for Mailgun to Mautic.


1) Upload the contents in this repo to mautic installation plugins/AFMailgunBundle
2) Remove cache sudo rm -rf app/cache/*
3) Go to mautic settings > plugins > click Install / Upgrade Plugin
4) Done.


1) Choose Mailgun as the mail service, in mautic mail configuration > Email Settings.
2) Enter your username e.g and the password (you
can get these information on mailgun dashboard)
3) Save / Apply

Add webhook URL to mailgun

• Add in the mailgun webhook for your selected events.
• Now your mautic will be able to send through mailgun and track email events such as bounce,failed, unsubscribe, spam according to the webhook you set in mailgun.