Third Set Mautic Timing Bundle Plugin


The plugin can be used for sending a contact through a campaign without any interference. Third set Mautic Timing Bundle plugin allows you to set a cron timing expression on any campaign action events such as sending an email during the campaign. For example, you could add a cron expression that only allows sending on weekdays during working hours in New York. The plugin totally automates the process using corn expression and deliver vital events during the campaign and improve the performance by a huge margin.


  • Adds the full ability of cron syntax to your campaign actions allowing you to only send emails at certain times.
  • Use different cron expressions on different campaign actions.
  • Enter a timezone to use when evaluating the cron expression (this allows you to send an email during working hours in your own timezone, for example).
  • Use different time zones for different cron expressions/campaign actions.
  • Use the Contact’s time zone (if available) to evaluate the cron expression. It will fall back to use any time zone you specify (or the System Default time zone) if the 6.Contact’s time zone isn’t known.


1.Download or clone this bundle into your Mautic /plugins folder.

2.Manually delete your cache (app/cache/prod).

3.In the Mautic GUI, go to the gear and then to Plugins.

4.Click the down arrow in the top right and select “Install/Upgrade Plugins”. Note: newer versions of Mautic just have an “Install/Upgrade Plugins” button (without the   dropdown arrow).

5.You should now see the Timing plugin in your list of plugins.

6.Run the following console commands to ensure that the database was updated:

php app/console doctrine:schema:update –dump-sql

php app/console doctrine:schema:update –force



After installing the plugin, you will now see a new Timing section when adding or editing        Campaign actions.

I.Expression Field

II.Use Contact’s Time Zone Field

III.Time Zone Field